Premier Decorative Group is proud to present some of our testimonials that have received from our clients and manufacturers. We are dedicated to offering the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Our goal is to be the absolute best at what we do and are excited to share these with you!

Trevor Brown you’ve been single handedly one of my best and most consistent reps.

David Homami

Plumbing Overstock

I just wanted to say that manufactures could not have better representation over the last 17 years that I have worked with you. You kept us informed of changes, new product innovations and were instrumental in hearing our displeasure to make websites easier to navigate. Thank you for the exemplary representation.

Jim Logan

DJ Bath Plus showroom


I can’t thank you enough for the detailed email and PO with all displays listed in order. I just want to jump for joy! This is by far the best PO and email sent to me this week for processing. I greatly appreciate as it saves me so much time.

Isaac Eilers

Inside Sales Representative


California Faucets


We all thank you very much for coming to our office today and giving us a fine presentation of your products. Learning more about copper, cement, and bamboo will be so helpful, giving us more insight so we can, in turn, assist our clients without increased knowledge. And we are delighted to have the copper bowls you provided.

Lunch was also delicious, and, I must say, especially that chocolate chip cookie.

We will look forward to seeing you again, and thanks again for an informative learning session.

Best Regards,

Heather Taapken

Barry & Wynn Architects, Inc.

Hello Meg,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your assistance on Saturday, your knowledge and professional attitude is second to none.

Thank you,

Steve Graham

Business & Product Development Manager

Dear Sergio,

We’ll always support Mountain Plumbing! Trevor Brown is always helpful and professional!

Thank you for your continues support!

Essa Ammari

Renaissance Molding & Design


I am writing today regarding your rep agency, Premiere Marketing, so many times people simply wait to complain, I am writing to commend you on your choice! Premiere Marketing is hands down the finest agency in the industry, and I have been in this for 30 years.

As you know, with so many options these days, a lot of decisions are going to be based on “how will any issue be handled?” We literally do not have time to deal with issues, and sometimes there are issues, knowing regardless of what it is we will be supported and the issue will be taken off our hands, is immeasurable.

They not only show their support by getting it done without hesitation, they keep us so well informed on any new or changing products. Congratulations on your choice of rep agency, as I am sure you already know.


Sheila Clausen

Dear Ms. Clausen:

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter! It’s comments like yours that remind us why we at Mountain Plumbing Products enjoy working with Premier Decorative Group.

Though it may sound strange, we’ve sometimes had to work hard to keep up with Premier Decorative Group sense of work ethic, follow up and commitment you experienced. We want both our representatives and our customers to think of Mountain Plumbing Products as one of the day’s highlights.

Again, thank you for taking the time to let us know how Premier Marketing Group is doing. We really appreciate hearing from you and thank you for your support and business.

Best Regards,

Sergio Varela, Director of Sales

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1460 Montague Expy
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 321-9666

Congratulations Kylie!

I am so happy that they have selected the “Best”.

I have personally been working with you for only a short time, but you are my patient teacher, a great support, and the great person to interface with in this industry.

You have a great sense of my needs and responded promptly. Remember how I emailed you before saying that “I like your style and common sense aggressiveness”.

Thank you for introducing new and high quality products which are fashionable to make our showroom unique and high-end.

Once again, hat off to Kylie for your wonderful job supporting Milpitas Tile and congratulations to you!!!

Kendu Nguyen, Milpitas Tile


Meg and Kylie,

I wanted to reach out and extend my thanks and appreciation for all of your efforts to get the Sheraton Hotel Caroma order placed and delivered. I know it felt like our backs were against the wall the entire time, but your communication and follow through made all the difference in the world and it really helped all parties involved look good. It was a team effort all the way around, and in the end we have happy customer’s and that’s what its all about.

You guys rock, and I’m glad to have your fantastic support.


Eddie Curiel, Showroom Manager

Robern Homeowner

I am impressed with the courtesy, efficiency and professionalism that was given to me for resolving an issue with an cabinet installation. I greatly appreciate with the way in which my issue was resolved. Kylie served as my main contact and she was excellent. Cory made the adjustments and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

One happy customer,

Jill Hygelund